Welcome to The Handwritten Card


We use personal handwriting to handwrite thank you notes, condolences, congratulations, and more.  You choose the words or let us help.  You no doubt take notice when you receive a handwritten card in the mail.  Yet how often do you delay in completing your own handwritten correspondence, sometimes indefinitely?  We at The Handwritten Card can touch most people's minds by taking the trouble to write a note from you and making it special.

Much like having your own personal secretary. The writers at The Handwritten Card can provide the help you need for much of your handwritten correspondence.  Thank you, congratulations, condolences, and more: we can take care of those notes which etiquette dictates must be handwritten, yet where it is not critical the handwriting be your own.

We handwrite each cardEvery card is 100% genuinely handwritten by a real person using a real pen.  This includes the envelope, the message, and the signature.  You may select either cursive or printed script.  Every card is somewhat unique due to the varying penmanship of our writers, see samples.

You can compose your message or we can help. You can select either to enter your own message or let us help you choose the words to express yourself.  The message can be written in either first person or in third person ("on behalf of").  Just select the type of card and scroll through the options, and then edit the words to make it a custom message.  Remember it is a "note" we are talking about and not a letter.  The message should be brief and to the point, typically 25-40 words in length.

What happens next? After we receive your order it gets proofread for any grammatical and/or spelling errors.  Should there be any questions we will try to contact you before the card goes in the mail. Your card will generally be mailed the same day.  After we complete your card we email you a scanned image of the finished card and envelope.

We respect your privacy. We do not advertise our services anywhere on the card or envelope, nor will we disclose any of your information to third parties.

We use only premium, 100% cotton stationery products. We present you with just a few pre-selected cards from the finest cards available, so you can be assured it will be both beautiful and appropriate. We can also use your stationery or create a costom design for you.

One card or many cards. Our service will be happy to write just one card for you or you can call us and we can work with you to download your mailing list.  We can also fill custom orders using your stationery or create custom stationery for you. 

Handwritten cards for business. Handwritten correspondence is a wonderful way to build your business and is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with your customers to build lasting relationships.  A handwritten card and envelope differentiates you from most other business. Check out the business page for valuable information on sending handwritten cards.

Handwriting Services. We aren't just about cards. Do you have another project that needs a personal touch? Just contact us about what you need.